Our Mission

To create educational tools that provide unique experiences for all ages about the history, science and forensic studies of the Shroud of Turin and Sudarium Domini of Oviedo. ShroudExpo, Inc. is a non-profit organization, 501(c)(3), dedicated to educating the general public about the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium Domini of Oviedo.

Special Drive

Either for believers or non-believers, the Shroud shows all that see the image of the torturing and suffering inflicted on the body of a man. The image of torture is marked in the shroud in contrast with an image of inner peace on his face. ShroudExpo Inc organizes drives to support causes that bring peace to those that suffer in this world, especially those Christians that have been prosecuted and removed from their ancestral lands.

The Exposition

ShroudExpo Inc. seeks to immerse individuals in unique experiences that will capture the mind, heart and soul of every participant. For example, the Exposition is a self-audio guided tour that transports each visitor through a journey of the history, science and forensic studies of the Shroud and Sudarium Domini. Each visitor leaves behind their daily concerns when entering the Exposition within a few minutes of experiencing the story telling and the special environment created for the Exposition. The professionally narrated audio guide draws each visitor in, allowing them to walk through history and experience scientific and forensic discoveries.

How Can the Exposition Reach Everyone

ShroudExpo Inc. utilizes art, community, volunteers, social media, mass and niche marketing techniques to reach every corner of local and adjacent communities.